Collaboration Prizes

Hope Harbor teamed up with Goodwill of Greater Nebraska and the IAFF firefighters to provide three great prizes for three great shoots!

(anyone who shot in all three shoots were entered into a drawing)

1st Prize - Congratulations to Dennis Harder for winning the Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant 110 VT. Donated by Hornady Manufacturing.

2nd Prize - Congratulations to Nate LaBrie for winning a guided hunt in Battle Creek Nebraska. Supported by Top Flight Hunts.

3rd Prize - Congratulations to Faith Simon for winning a M&P Carry & Range kit. Donated by GI Loan Shop

Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant image.jpg
Guided hunt image.jpg
M&P 40 Carry and Range Kit image.jpg

Class 2 Results

1st Place: Marvin Hulinsky

2nd Place: David Sartain

3rd Place: Mark Freeman

4th Place: Larry Badura

5th Place: Mike Zahm

6th Place: Tim E Taber

7th Place: Mike Douglass

8th Place: Jade Krolikowski

9th Place: Curt Clausen

10th Place: Jack Taylor

Class 1 Results

1st Place: John Hoffman

2nd Place: Douglas Krueger

3rd Place: Michael O’Connor

4th Place: Cody Escritt

5th Place: Jay Fields

6th Place: Tyler Ericson

7th Place: Jeff Sammons

8th Place: Alan Rohwer

9th Place: Logan Buhrman

10th Place: Ray Taylor


Class 4 Results

1st Place: Gary Brittain

2nd Place: Sandy Dillingham

3rd Place: Faith Simon

4th Place: Jason Gill

5th Place: Mark Jones

6th Place: Spencer Jones

7th Place: Jordan Groff

8th Place: Andrew Howard

9th Place: Robert Wegman

10th Place: Kent Coen

Class 3 Results

1st Place: Jeremy Lemburg

2nd Place: Bruce Plate

3rd Place: Jason Gill

4th Place: Dan Hartman

5th Place: Kim Jungck

6th Place: Greg Sims

7th Place: Glenn Perkins

8th Place: Jim Helfrich

9th Place: Tim Zigler

10th Place: Jerry Kjar


Corporate Team Results

1st Place: O’Connor & Associates

-          Tim O’Connor

-          Michael O’Connor

-          Rod Swanson

2nd Place: Associated Staffing

-          Alan Rohwer

-          Mike Zahm

-          Greg Sims

3rd Place: Hornady Team #1

-          Steve Hornady

-          Jason Hornady

-          Alex Hornady


Save the Date_magnet_2.jpg

Since it began in 2008, the Hope Harbor Charity Fun Shoot has been a successful fundraiser for Hope Harbor, and a great way for shooters to spend the day. Held at the Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island, Nebr., the event includes sporting clays and numerous side events.

The shoot begins at 7:30 a.m. with prizes announced around 4:30 p.m. The Lewis Class scoring system divides shooters into divisions according to skill, and awards prizes for top finishers in each division.

Shooters can compete as individuals, three-person teams, or both. The winning team receives a plaque while individuals compete for prizes. Prizes typically include binoculars, rifles, backpacks, gun cases, scouting cameras, and more. Tickets can also be purchased for a variety of raffle prizes.